a buddhist pro-active approach to human trafficking & slavery

Prajnaparamita Mother of all Buddhas 2

Hearing & Responding to the Cries of the World

A Buddhist Pro-Active Approach to Human Trafficking and Slavery

Raising awareness that we, as human beings, can cultivate and manifest as selfless, altruistic compassionate wisdom beings in the world is possible. Subsequently, once a practitioner stabilizes to some extent through practice this individual realizes that, as a human being, s/he has been a slave to conditionings and confusion. A shift takes place and practice of the three studies of ethics, meditation, and wisdom become expedient. Consequently, the practitioner begins to experience greater happiness and peace.

If the motivation and practice is pure the practitioner then realizes that all sentient beings must be happy – the bodhisattva realization is birthed.

“For the benefit of all” becomes the practitioner’s mantra. Exchanging one’s personal happiness “for the benefit of all to be happy” manifests. Fearlessness and freedom are evident in the face of many objections and hindrances that indeed arise.

A bodhisattva is not self-satisfied and content – complacent. Renunciation is incorporated into the daily life of a bodhisattva. We, who are Buddhist practitioners, question ourselves, “How much of my time, my thoughts, my actions, and my resources revolve around the care of me being happy?” “Can I make the time and exert the energy in order to be more pro-active and selflessly motivated as a compassionate wisdom being in assisting to end the suffering of others, so that all sentient beings are happy?”

“Hearing the cries of the world, I resolve to respond,” is the vow of a bodhisattva.

I have come to the conclusion that raising awareness about the problem of human trafficking and slavery in today’s world is expedient. Nevertheless, I have also concluded that penetration into the world of the human trade market at the grassroots level is subsequently needed.

We cannot depend on law enforcement completely. Individual citizens, trained and equipped, can and must take action to stop slavery in all forms.

I have created a booklet inspired by and created in light of material offered by the Polaris Project that is a succinct, yet comprehensive, guideline for Creating a Direct Outreach to Victims of Human Trafficking.

If you would like a copy please email sistersocw at yahoo.com  .

May all sentient beings be happy!

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